Cerebral Palsy Was About To Steal His Victory, Until His Classmates Did Something Great!

What Matt Woodrum achieves in this video is an awesome victory! While suffering with Spastic Cerebral Palsy can be an overwhelming obstacle for most people with it, Matt doesn’t let it get in his way at all. Matt chose to rise to the hardest challenge possible, and run the longest race he could, the 400 meter.

It is touching to watch how his physical education teacher John Blaine sees that Matt’s struggling, runs over, and encourages him by saying, “Matt, you’re not going to stop, are you?” Matt’s reply was a resounding,”No way.” Within no time at all his 5th grade classmates are showing their support. Sometimes just a little encouragement is all we need to get us through things. However, what these kids rallied together to do, was highly motivating for Matt spurring him on even more. Matt you are truly an inspiration to us all!