Watch This Precious Moment As Baby Sees Mom For The First Time!

Precious moment baby sees mom

There is something so special that happens when a mother and newborn baby look into each others eyes for the…

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Cute Flower Girl Schools Dad On How He Doesn’t Understand Weddings!

cute flower girls schools dad

This video had us chuckling! This cute flower girl named Jojo Lomelino, takes her duties very seriously. Watch this precious…

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If You Love Nature You Must See This Stunningly Beautiful Time lapse Video!


This Patagonia 8K time lapse video takes viewers on an awesome journey through Argentina and southern Chile. It was shot…

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Baby Who Battled Meningitis & Had A Quadruple Amputation Is So Happy To Get A Doll Just Like Her!


When a child takes their first steps it is one of those touching times in life a parent never forgets…

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After A Class Mate Couldn’t Pay For Lunch & Went Hungry This Boy Did Something Awesome!

613 - Featured

When Cayden Taipalus helplessly watched a fellow student have to put his lunch tray back, because he didn’t have enough…

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A 6 Yr Old Makes Mom Stop The car & What He Does Next Even Surprises The Cop

612 - Featured

The recent Dallas Police attacks have continued to have an impact on people all over, and 6 year old Jaxon…

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Baby Erupts In Hysterical Laughter At The Way Dad Tells A Story


When dad starts reading to his adorable daughter, Margot the fun really begins. It was interesting to see how Margot…

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Cop Gets An Invitation He Just Can’t Refuse From A 3 Year Old Whose Life He Saved!


A Dallas Police officer named, Patrick Ray answered a 911 call, and found 22 month old Bexley Norvell choking on…

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