Soaked In A Toxic Solution For 5 Days, She Survived & Was Born Alive. Now She’s Got Something To Say!

Shouldn't Be Alive - Featured

As an eight month old baby in the womb Melissa Ohden was soaked for five days in a toxic salt…

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A Father With Alzheimer’s Teaches His Adult Son A Lesson! I Am In Tears.


The saying what goes around, comes around, is played out so profoundly in this story that it is almost shocking!…

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The Number One Thing Wrong With Modern Society. Put It Down!


Our cell phones are amazing tools. I find myself in recent years becoming more, and more attached to them. Our…

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Girl Of 14 Years Stands Up To TV Personality Kevin O’Leary, I Accept His Challenge!

14 year old girl

Teen Activist Rachel Parent stood up to Kevin O’Leary on the potential dangers of GMO’s.  This young girl does a great job…

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A Former Janitor & His Wife Move To Ecuador, And End Up Rescuing Over 700 Orphans!

280 - Featured

What kind of impact can two average people make in this world? The answer is lots, and in a wonderful way.…

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