The Music From This Strange Instrument Called A Wintergatan-Marble Machine Has Gone Super Viral!

wintergatan-marble machine

When we first saw this video my first thought was, what is that intriguing mechanical contraption? Then the instrument’s builder,…

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Genius Comedian Tim Hawkins Gets Standing Ovation For Song He Writes For His Wife, It’s The Best!

comedian tim hawkins

Comedian Tim Hawkins has a way of taking the everyday things in life and showing them in a whole new…

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Cute Kids With Down Syndrome Ad Is Banned In France As It Could, “Disturb Consciences.”

ad kids down syndrome

If freedom of speech is not something you have ever paid much attention to, or have taken for granted, you…

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3,200 Year Old Gigantic Tree Is So Massive It Couldn’t Be Photographed Fully Until Now!

3,200 year old tree

This 3,200 Year old tree is located in Sequoia National Park, in the Sierra Nevadas, in California. The gigantic tree…

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Blind Girl With Autism Sings Like Whitney Houston, & She’s So Good We Got Goosebumps!

autism and blind whitney houston

julia Mariza Ceja has autism, and is also blind. Born in Mexico she doesn’t speak English, but has managed to…

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After 4 yrs Of Forced Separation Man Falls To His Knees At Reunion With Family. I’m In Tears!

4 yr refugee reunion

This Sudanese family’s reunion is so breathtakingly beautiful, that we cried buckets of happy tears while witnessing it. Dyan, the…

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After Baptizing Their Son Parent’s Had Life Support Shut Off & Got A Miracle!

after baptizing surprise

Mike and Kerry Askin, found themselves having to make the painful decision of whether or not to take their son…

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What These Animals Do With A Girls Christmas Gift Leaves Her Speechless!

animals Christmas girl speechless

The marketing genius of John Lewis has done it again! Known as, “Britain’s favorite retailer” his Christmas ads never fail…

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