Boy With Cerebral Palsy Is Asked If He Wants To Scan His Own Groceries And His Reaction? Is The Best!

boy with cerebral palsy scans groceries

When Jeanie Robinson took her son Andy grocery shopping she had no idea he was going to be made so…

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A Woman Hears About An Abandoned Baby In Brazil And Quickly Gets On A Flight!

abandoned baby in Brazil

While standing in a line at a grocery store in, Kaysville, Utah, Janelle Adams heard about a baby boy in…

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When A 2 Year Old Goes Grocery Shopping It’s So Cute It’s No Wonder It’s Gone Viral!

2 year old grocery shopping

When dad takes his 2 year old son, Beckett grocery shopping this adorable little shopper gets really busy. Many of…

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Baby’s Getting To Hear Mom & Dad For The 1st Time And It’s So Precious. Must See!


This is heart melting and so cool to watch unfolding right in front of you! Baby Archer is getting to…

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When Identical Twins Realize They Look Alike It’s So Cute, Funny, And Even A Little Intense!

twins realize they look alike

Having grown up in a family with identical twins I can honestly say it can be a lot of fun,…

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Hollywood Icon Debbie Reynolds Passes Away Within A Day Of Her Daughter Carrie Fishers Death.

debbie reynolds and carrie fisher die

84 year old actress Debbie Reynolds was at her son’s home making funeral arrangements for her daughter, Carrie Fisher who…

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When No Kids Showed Up At Her Birthday Party One Special Friend Turned It All Around!

birthday party

When it comes to their child’s Birthday party parents send out the invitations to their child’s special day and hope…

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This Hip Hop Version Of The Nutcracker Is So Cute And Funny We Just Had To Share It!

hip hop nutcracker

This version of “The Nutcracker” is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Usually this Holiday favorite is danced in Ballet,…

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