They Spoiled A Baby Deer By Rubbing Its Belly, But Watch When They Try To Stop!

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When Justin Lewis and his friend were working they found a baby deer tangled up in some thorns, so they…

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This Gorilla Wants The Man To Show Him What’s On His Phone


When this fellow started showing a Gorilla named, Jelani pictures of other Gorillas, he got the Gorilla’s undivided attention. The…

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Ten Animal Heroes That Saved People From Near Death


From Dolphins circling a drowning girl to a parrot frantically screaming out a warning of , “muma,baby” these animals are…

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What’s Waiting Behind The Door For Her Should Be Straight Out Of A Movie!


A kind and generous woman in Wapiti, Wyoming, has a way with animals that’s making people’s jaws drop in admiration…

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You Won’t Believe What Was Found In This Baby Monkey’s Body. I’m In Tears!

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Izzy this sweet little baby spider monkey was found tied up, and crying outside a hunter’s house in Belize. She…

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This Very Smart Orangutan Actually Builds Himself A Hammock!?

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A 14 year old Orangutan, in a Thailand zoo is fascinating the world with this video. Watch how it very…

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Dog Prays With 4 Year Old & Then Lovingly Tucks Him In Every Night!


Watching Baron the German Shepherd and Alexander is like watching two best friends just enjoying, and unconditionally loving each other,…

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Real Horse Power Is What Happens After A Transport Slides Into A Ditch!


When this truck slid off the road the driver was lucky a farmer was nearby with a pulling cart, and…

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