Dog Collapses After Emotional Reunion, This Tugged At Our Heart Strings!

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When Army private Hannah Foraker left her dog to go for basic training in Oklahoma she had no idea how…

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She’s Sad And Doesn’t Trust People Since Her Puppies Got Stolen, But Watch When She Sees Them!


When this dog named, Cora was surrendered the people who had her kept her puppies without saying anything to animal…

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Puppy Awakens Upset After Surgery, And How The Vet Assistant Helps It Is Heart Melting!

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This would restore any ones faith in humanity! At Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, surgical assistant Dennis Moses shows…

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Mom With Broken Bones, & In Bitter Cold Fights For Survival And To Save Her Child.

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Kristen Hiebert, and her 4 year old daughter, Avery, were stranded in a remote place after being in a horrible…

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Kitten Frozen In The Snow And Near Death Is Rescued & Given CPR. What Happens Next? Is Amazing!


When the Bingham family were outside their cabin at Bear lake, in Utah, they had no idea the little ball…

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Hopelessly Stuck In A Gate This Dog Reacts Wildly, Rescuers Step In & Something Awesome Happens!


This street dog managed to get herself stuck between the bars of a gate, and was totally unable to get…

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Baby Penguin Is Looking For His Friend. When He Finds Him- It’s The Best!


Cookie this Little Penguin lives at, The Cincinnati Zoo Bird House. As Cookie waddled along he seemed to be looking…

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Watch The Cute Things This Baby Duckling Does It’ll Make Your Day!


This duckling is so loving with his human parent it made us smile from ear to ear. When the guy…

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