This Tap Dancing Girl Surprises The Whole Audience. Seriously The Funniest Thing EVER!!

Watch as this adorable preschool girl does the most hilarious dance of all time. Her parents must be so proud.

He’s Called The British Forrest Gump See Why. Amazing!!

He has been called “The British Forrest Gump.” Jamie McDonald ran 5000 miles across Canada and raised over $200,000 for…

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This Adorable Five Year Old Genius Demonstrates His Incredible Knowledge On Jimmy Kimmel.

Arden Hayes an adorable five year old with an amazing memory demonstrates his incredible knowledge of world geography on Jimmy…

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You’ve Got To Hear What This Groom Says At The Altar. Must Watch!!!

This groom messes up his line and his bride loses it in the middle of the ceremony. You won’t be…

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A Former Janitor & His Wife Move To Ecuador, And End Up Rescuing Over 700 Orphans!

What kind of impact can two average people make in this world?┬áThe answer is lots, and in a wonderful way.…

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