Funny Toddler Thinks He’s Lost His Fork & Has His Family Bursting Into Laughter!

funny toddler cannot find fork

This funny toddler has his family bursting into laughter! It is adorable how he forgets his fork is resting right…

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Watch This Precious Moment As Baby Sees Mom For The First Time!

Precious moment baby sees mom

There is something so special that happens when a mother and newborn baby look into each others eyes for the…

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Cute Flower Girl Schools Dad On How He Doesn’t Understand Weddings!

cute flower girls schools dad

This video had us chuckling! This cute flower girl named Jojo Lomelino, takes her duties very seriously. Watch this precious…

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Baby Erupts In Hysterical Laughter At The Way Dad Tells A Story


When dad starts reading to his adorable daughter, Margot the fun really begins. It was interesting to see how Margot…

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Kids Made The Mistake Of Petting This Lemur, Now Watch What It Does When They Try To Stop!


Everything is going just great while these children are affectionately scratching, and petting this Lemur’s back. However watch what the…

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In This Best Man’s Speech He Gives The Newlyweds The Best Advice Ever!


Weddings can be so beautiful and emotional. This reception speech by the best man, who is the brides brother, is…

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Baby Is Seeing Mom For The First Time, And His Reaction Is Heart Melting!

526 - Featured

Baby Leopold has heard and grown to love his mum through touch and voice. Until now he has not been…

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Parents Have Priceless Reaction To Son’s Homecoming During Puck Drop. I’m In Tears!

525 - Featured3

Eitan, and Ronit Urman, are the proud parents of U.S. Army Sergeant Daniel Urman, who had been away on deployment…

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