Two Ingredient Ice Cream Recipe Is So Quick, & Easy! You’ll Love It!


When I came across this recipe I was skeptical it could be this simple to make ice cream, but it…

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Even Cerebral Palsy Couldn’t Stop These Twins From Making Their Ironman Dream A Reality!


Twin brothers Peder and Steen Mondrup arrived into this world 3 months premature. During delivery Peder suffered from a lack…

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Babies Caught On Ultrasound Singing, Smiling, & Grimacing To Music. Amazing!


During ultra sound these babies were monitored checking their heart rates, then putting headphones on the mum’s belly, and playing…

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She’ s Cancer Free & The Message She’s Singing Has Everyone Cheering!


Calysta Bevier takes the stage at a cancer walk singing “Fight Song,” by Rachel Platten, and her performance has a…

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FDA Approved Depression Treatment Uses Magnets & It Really Works!


Susan Pyska like any good mum felt she had to protect her baby, and while pregnant she did not want…

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Mum Was In A Near-Fatal Coma Until Her Newborn Baby Saves Her & Brings Her Back!

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Shelly Cawley had an uneasy feeling like a premonition about the C section she was about to have, and even…

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Baby In The Womb’s Experiences, Are Amazing! It’s Like Looking Into A Mysterious New World!

Human fetus

Life is a wonderful mystery! This video shines a little more light into that mysterious world we never used to…

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Totally Viral At 27 Million Views! This 9 Year Old’s Skating Performance Blow’s Everyone Away!

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When 9 year old Starr Andrews took to the ice we didn’t know what to expect, then we get treated…

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