Mom With Broken Bones, & In Bitter Cold Fights For Survival And To Save Her Child.

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Kristen Hiebert, and her 4 year old daughter, Avery, were stranded in a remote place after being in a horrible…

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Lunch Time At This Japanese School Is Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen!


Lunch at this elementary school in Saitama, Japan is amazing! The food is grown at the schools own farm, and…

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This Baby In The Womb Animation Is Surreal and Fascinating!


This animation video brings to light the beautiful mystery of life in the womb in an awesome way. The music…

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You’ll Never Look At The Time 11:11 The Same Way After You Watch Their Story!


When the main character in this video Sergio, meets Chris who is in his last stages of cancer, he decides…

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Teens Pull Despicable Prank Leaving 4 Yr Old Super Glued To A Toilet!


A four year old little girl was the victim of a horrendous prank. She was trying to be a big…

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Great Dane Helps Little Girl With Disabilities In A Way Nobody Else Could!

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What a beautiful friendship! It is amazing how much love, and happiness a friend can bring into a life. Watching…

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This Toddler Was Decapitated, Now After Miracle Surgery He’s Walking!

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This sweet toddler with such an infectious, and loving smile for his mum, is named Jaxon Taylor, and he has…

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Doctors Give Real Advice On How To Stop Hair Loss.


Currently 80 million people are struggling with hair loss, and on average 2 billion dollars are spent trying to remedy…

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