Father Pulls A Gun Refusing To Let Hospital Pull Plug On His Son, Then His Son Shocks Them All!

father pulls gun saves son

George Pickering’s son had endured seizures and a massive stroke. The hospital had ordered a “terminal wean” to slowly remove…

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It’s Called The Tree Of Forty Fruits And The Reason? Is Amazing!

tree of forty fruits

This tree is a natural masterpiece! The tree of forty fruits is an amazing hybrid tree (not a GMO) that…

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Mother’s Tearful Goodbye As Conjoined Twins Go Into Risky Surgery Is So Touching!

Conjoined twins surgery

Nicole and Christian McDonald, and their conjoined twins Anias, and Jadon, are on the verge of one of the biggest…

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Carpool Karaoke Dad With Alzheimer’s Has Precious Moments Of Memory Return While Singing.


Simon McDermott and his 80-year-old father, Ted have gone viral in this uplifting and heart melting video. Watch as this…

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Amazing Video Shows Baby Born In Its Intact Amniotic Sac, This Is A Rare Phenomenon!

Baby in womb

Warning this is graphic! This amazing video shows a rare birth of a baby born in it’s intact amniotic sac.…

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When This Farmer’s Son Told Him Kids Were Going Hungry, He Did Something Awesome!

529 - Featured

What this farmer, his family, and volunteers, are doing has our admiration and respect! Jonathan Lawler is a typical married,…

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Coach’s Visit Inspires Teen To Fight Terminal Cancer And Reach For His Dreams!


Kevin Massey was a healthy athletic 16 year old with a bright future ahead of him, and his dream for…

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Only Women Do Laundry!? This Dad’s Message To His Daughter Has Us Cheering, It’s The Best!


It is amazing the impact this commercial video is having all over the world! This video shines a light on…

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