This Wedding Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen, So Beautiful It Brought Us To Tears!


This is probably one of the most beautiful acts of love I have ever seen. Rowden and Leizl had a…

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He Plays, “Hallelujah” On Crystal Glasses Of Water And It Sounds Heavenly!


This gifted street artist does an incredible job of playing the song, “Hallelujah” on crystal water glasses. He is not…

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Teacher Has Been Battling For Her Life, And What Her Old Students Just Did Has Her Feeling Like This!


Ms. Watson is a special teacher! She works from the heart, has her students best interests in mind, and takes…

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A Dying Man Restores An 1856 Abandoned Church & What Happened Next Was Miraculous!


Greg Thomas was in treatment for cancer, was told he had only months to live, and his final arrangements were…

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Frail 90 Yr Old Widow Told Clean Up Yard, Or Be fined $2500 A Day, Then They Step In!


90 Year old Widow, Agnes Maples, was stuck between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to go. A…

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3 Ultrasounds Show Baby Had No Heart Beat, Dad Had One Last Request & It Leaves The Doctor Shocked!


Candace and Dennis Gaines were thrilled to be having another baby after two heart wrenching miscarriages. All seemed to be…

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Adults Are Stunned By What A Group Of Teens Did While They Slept!


While the adults in the neighborhood were sleeping, a group of teenagers got up extra early, before everyone else, and…

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Doctor Sees X Ray & Urges Mum To Abort Twins, She Doesn’t And Gets A Miracle!


While pregnant Shellie and Greg Tucker were dealt a shock they will never forget. The ultrasound showed their twins had…

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