7 Year Old Living With Dwarfism Is Melting Hearts Everywhere As He Does This!


Grant Pearce is a wise 7 year old on a mission to educate and bring awareness to people about dwarfism.…

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A Crooked Cop Gets Busted & Ends Up Working With The Innocent Man He Put In Jail For 4 Years!


In Benton Harbor Michigan two unlikely people against all odds have accomplished something incredible! In 2005 Jamel McGee was falsely…

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When This Farmer’s Son Told Him Kids Were Going Hungry, He Did Something Awesome!

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What this farmer, his family, and volunteers, are doing has our admiration and respect! Jonathan Lawler is a typical married,…

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Coach’s Visit Inspires Teen To Fight Terminal Cancer And Reach For His Dreams!


Kevin Massey was a healthy athletic 16 year old with a bright future ahead of him, and his dream for…

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She Shocks The Judges And Makes Them Regret Pressing Their No Buzzer!

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There is such a huge message in this video about snap judgements, jumping to conclusions, and the hurt it can…

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“Grace Wins” Is Burning Up The Charts! Very Uplifting, Must See!


Mathew West really sends out a wonderful positive message in this song. That no matter where you are in life,…

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A Deputy Helps A Homeless Man, 6 Months Later He Gets A Call And The Surprise Of His Life!


This story shows humanity at its best! When Deputy Matt Holman, of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, encountered Robert Morris…

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The Miracle Stairs Of Loretto Are Shrouded In The Most Amazing Unsolved Mysteries Even Today!

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The Loretto staircase is known for three mysteries that still baffle people even today and they are. 1. Who was…

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