Soaked In A Toxic Solution For 5 Days, She Survived & Was Born Alive. Now She’s Got Something To Say!

Shouldn't Be Alive - Featured

As an eight month old baby in the womb Melissa Ohden was soaked for five days in a toxic salt…

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A Father With Alzheimer’s Teaches His Adult Son A Lesson! I Am In Tears.


The saying what goes around, comes around, is played out so profoundly in this story that it is almost shocking!…

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How Good Do You Have To Be To Get Into Heaven? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Behold the Lamb of God

Is good, good enough?  The Bible teaches us that we cannot be saved by our works alone, but only by…

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This Nurse Discovers Her Dying Patient Is Her Long Lost Father. What!!?

This Nurse Discovers Her Dying Patient Is Her Long Lost Father.

Her dad left the family shortly after she was born. 41 years later this nurse discovers that her dying patient…

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It Is Better To Give Than To Receive. How This Officer Helps A Homeless Man Will Surprise You.

ScreenHunter_23 May. 06 20.49 (2)

We always hear about how much better it is to give than to receive, so much so, that the whole…

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God’s Plan Is Ridiculously Epic! This Message Will Make You Want To Cheer!

ScreenHunter_16 May. 02 01.32-2b

Have you ever been in a no win situation that you just couldn’t get out of?  Had an addiction or…

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A Former Janitor & His Wife Move To Ecuador, And End Up Rescuing Over 700 Orphans!

280 - Featured

What kind of impact can two average people make in this world? The answer is lots, and in a wonderful way.…

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