The Most Nervous Guy Ever Performs & Bring The Judges To Their Feet Cheering.

The Most Nervous - Featured

When Christopher Maloney came out on stage we thought he was going to have a panic attack. We’ve never seen…

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This Expecting Mother Sings About The Not So Glamorous Parts Of Being Pregnant.

Prego Mom - Featured

Pregnancy can be a bit tough on everyone involved. This Mother’s song does an excellent job in describing all those…

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A Father With Alzheimer’s Teaches His Adult Son A Lesson! I Am In Tears.


The saying what goes around, comes around, is played out so profoundly in this story that it is almost shocking!…

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This Dancing 3 Year Old Is So Amazing He Even Had Actor Jet Li Cheering For More.

3 year old boy7

This little boys performance with his baby is so cute, and sweet. The judges cannot resist him and even kiss…

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Girl Of 14 Years Stands Up To TV Personality Kevin O’Leary, I Accept His Challenge!

14 year old girl

Teen Activist Rachel Parent stood up to Kevin O’Leary on the potential dangers of GMO’s.  This young girl does a great job…

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Blind Autistic Boy Surprises Everyone! This Will Melt Your Heart.

blind autism

How often do we look at ourselves or each other and think that there is nothing very remarkable about us?…

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This Girl’s Performance Causes Simon To Give Her One Of The Best Complements Ever!

ScreenHunter_41 May. 07 13.47 - Copy

Although this young girl was born with a debilitating condition her inner beauty shines through for all to see. Her…

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Boy Told He’d Never Walk, Runs A Race With His Father. Extraordinary! You Got To See This.

022 - Featured

Johnny Agar was 3 pounds when born, he suffered a brain bleed, and had cerebral palsy. Just surviving for this…

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