Carpool Karaoke Dad With Alzheimer’s Has Precious Moments Of Memory Return While Singing.

Simon McDermott and his 80-year-old father, Ted have gone viral in this uplifting and heart melting video. Watch as this father and son duo are about to share some enlightening and very precious moments with us. You see Ted was a singer and entertainer in England for his whole life, but now he has been suffering with Alzheimers for a few years. Sadly, his memory has slowly and progressively been deteriorating. However Simon has noticed music has a wonderful effect on him as he has precious moments of memory return while singing. “The songs and the music have a way of bringing him back.”

Ted is also called the Songaminute Man because of the many songs he knows. Simon has said he noticed his dad seems lighter and happier since bringing music back into his life again, and the angry outbursts which many Alzheimer patients have seem to have lessened. This is video is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and make your day brighter it sure did for us. This is the best version of “Quando, Quando, Quando,” you will ever hear.