Car Crash Catapults Mom & Baby Off 30 Ft High Bridge, Then She Makes A Desperate Move To Save Him!

What started off as a normal day for 23 year old mom, Jennifer Duncan, turned out to be a nightmare. After getting into a fender-bender on a highway in Waco, Texas, she pulled her vehicle over, got her baby out of the car, and waited for First Responders. While innocently standing out of harms way, or so she thought, another vehicle rammed into one of the parked cars, sending it careening right into Jennifer who was holding her 8 month old son Daniel. The two were catapulted over the side of the bridge. During the 30 foot drop Jennifer made a heroic, split second decision that saved little Daniel’s life. She held on as tight as she could pulling Daniel close, she used her body like a cocoon around him, shielding him from the impact of the fall.

Miraculously Daniel only ended up with a scratch, thanks to mom’s quick thinking. Jennifer then spent two long months in the hospital, and endured 14 surgeries. She had a shattered pelvis, 9 broken bones in her back, fractures in her ribs and legs. She even suffered through having a leg amputated, damage to her spleen, and multiple other internal injuries. The most heart breaking thing that hurt the most, was not being able to pick up her baby, hold him, or play with him as she used to. Her love for Daniel has been the motivation that has helped her stay determined to get well. These two really are proof that love is the most powerful motivator of all. If anyone would like to donate and help Jennifer she has a gofundme page go to this link.