Canada Belgium’s Doctors Have A Chilling Message For You, “Don’t Make Our Mistake!”

If you are not concerned about assisted suicide, or euthanasia in North America, you just might want to pay attention! Sooner, or later euthanasia is bound to affect someone you know! The practice is spreading to many countries, and people need to be fully aware of why it has the potential to legalize murder, here’s why!

The problem is once assisted suicide gets in, it cannot be properly controlled and it gets abused! People who do not want it, get it forced on them against their will, without giving consent, and are murdered! It’s already happening! Belgium has had Euthanasia for 14 years and their doctors are warning Canadians, and confirming that no safeguards work! They clearly say, “Safeguards are an illusion.”

A study done In Belgium revealed 66 people out of 208 were euthanized without giving consent, or requesting it. In the Netherlands 1 in every 5 is euthanized without consent or request.(1)

Advocates and victims from Belgium are telling Canadians: “Euthanasia – Don’t Go There!

The fact is euthanasia always goes from one group of people who are terminally ill, to making one exception, after another, then it is done to the vulnerable who are helpless with illnesses, to children with health problems, and those with disabilities etc. Once it gets normalized in a society it gets done more, and more, and in cases it should never be used in like healthy people. People who don’t want to be killed will often feel socially pressured to die. Then mentally ill people who should be treated, and protected, request it and get it, because different doctors interpret the law differently! It becomes a common practice to murder without consequences. Prosecuting the murder gets a blind eye turned to it in those countries.

When it gets done to people against their wishes, it violates their Basic Human Rights!

The Belgian doctors are speaking from experience, and we should be learning from them not repeating their mistakes. When it comes to such an important issue as the life, death, and patient safety, of a country’s citizens legislation should never be rushed! Every Canadian should be proactive about this Bill, please write to the senate at the following contact link asking that this bill be stopped. Click HERE There is also a rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday June 1 from 12 – 1:30 pm. We urge people to attend Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide are just not the answer.

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