By Farming In The Hood The Urban Farming Guys Are Changing & Saving Lives. Wow!

What these families have done is so incredible! Risking their lives in dangerous areas to help the youth, and poor to change their lives in the most easy and practical ways. Twenty families got together, brain stormed, and decided to move from their comfortable suburban homes into one of the most dangerous, poorest ghetto neighborhoods. Their plan was to go where nobody else wanted or dared to go, to change lives for the better, and make a difference for the next generation. To teach people in need life changing trades, and skills that help break the cycle of poverty and crime.

The non-profit organization “Urban Farming Guys,” started off with nothing when they went into the Lykins neighborhood inner city, Kansas City Missouri. This is their story of working from within the worst neighborhood outward to change the environment for the residents. They did this by creating easy solutions that are self supporting and can be duplicated by the community to bring about a domino effect of positive change. After watching the video many would agree this program is a life changer that works! It harnesses and fosters the talents and gifts people already have, and are yet to discover. Whenever people help each other to get up when they have been down, it brings out the best in people, and this program is doing just that. These people are loving their neighbor the way we are all supposed to do. To find out more about Urban Farming Guys, to volunteer, or to donate please go to,