Terror Attacks In London Have Claimed 5 Lives And Left 40 Seriously Injured.

london terror attack

A grey Hyundai i40 mowed down numerous pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London today. 20 People were thought to be wounded initially, but that toll has now climbed up to 40 in this suspected terror attack. One woman catapulted over the bridge, and she has reportedly been rescued from the water alive and seriously injured. The vehicle was crashed near the British Parliament. The man fled then proceeded to stab Police officer, Keith Palmer on the grounds of Parliament. The police officer has since died from the injury. Theresa May was evacuated immediately and taken to safety as Parliament was put on lock down. The latest report has said four people have died and twenty have been seriously wounded. The suspected terrorist was shot by a police officer and has died. People are being directed to avoid the area’s where the attacks have occurred so emergency vehicles can get in to aid the wounded.

Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the family of the heroic police officer who gave his life to protect others. We also pray for all others killed and injured by this attack. Please join us in this prayer. Heavenly Father please comfort all who were hurt by this sad event. Heal their hearts, souls, body, and minds of all physical wounds and psychological trauma. Bless and comfort all of those affected in this very difficult time. Please stop these things from happening and bring order and peace back to this world in Jesus Name we pray.