Brave Mum Fights 2 Carjackers & Stops Abduction Of Her Kids In The Back Seat!

These carjackers ran away empty handed when a protective mum went right after them! A Surveillance video taken at a gas station in Hialeah, Florida, graphically shows this attempted carjacking. When they targeted a vehicle with a 1 yr old girl, and 7 yr old boy in the back seat, this mum wasn’t letting them get away with her kids! Thankfully she was attentive, and just after the carjacker’s first attempt to get another vehicle located behind her car failed, they turned their attention to her car, and dove in to the drivers seat. They learned real quick it was a mistake to mess with a mum, especially this one! Fearing her kids were about to be abducted, this brave Mum sprung into action, ripping his mask off, and heaving him out of the car.

The carjackers were caught not long after when they crashed their vehicle while police pursed them. Thankfully a tragedy was avoided by this brave mum.