Boy Told He’d Never Walk, Runs A Race With His Father. Extraordinary! You Got To See This.

Johnny Agar was 3 pounds when born, he suffered a brain bleed, and had cerebral palsy. Just surviving for this baby was a victory! His parents were told he would probably never be able to walk.  Johnny was fortunate to have such a loving, great family who have done everything they could to provide for his needs. They  encourage him to have goals and live as normal a life as possible. Taking him every where including sporting events. Johnny being a huge sports fan always secretly desired to be on the field playing the games he loved.

This video is a great record of his progress toward his personal best goals. Given the chance to participate in  a race where he would finish under his own power, he will leave you in tears of awe, and inspiration. This young man doesn’t just rise to the challenge he conquers! The strength, and immense determination that this young man shows is off the charts! Your bound to grin as his great attitude shines forth with the comment,

“Let’s role baby, today I am officially an athlete.” (Johnny)

 He truly is an inspiration to us all, and is a witness to the fact that miracles happen everyday!