Boy With Cerebral Palsy Is Asked If He Wants To Scan His Own Groceries And His Reaction? Is The Best!

When Jeanie Robinson took her son Andy grocery shopping she had no idea he was going to be made so happy by what was about to happen. Andy suffers with cerebral palsy and enjoys helping his mom push the cart around the store until it gets too heavy for him. Jeanie was thrilled when they got to the checkout and the cashier asked him if he would like to scan their groceries. Andy didn’t believe the cashier meant it and had to be asked twice before he agreed. Once behind the scanner Andy felt included, and incredibly happy, and the joy filled smile on his face says it all. This is a great reminder that the littlest gestures, and kindness we extend to others can have such a huge impact. Jeannie said Andy smiled for the rest of the day, and after watching this we can’t wipe the smiles off our faces. We loved this, and we invite our readers to share this uplifting story with your family, and friends, and help continue to spread smiles everywhere!