See How Your Body Language Can Create Your Success Or Sabotage You!

Your body language speaks volumes before your mouth does! To a well trained eye it can be that obvious! To some degree we all pick up on each others body language subconsciously, so learning about your own to the average person can be beneficial. It can help you re-create yourself, get that new job, or cause people to get a more positive perception of you. Your body language can affect a lot of the outcomes in your life.

What Amy is teaching in this video is pretty easy. It can be mastered quickly, done by anyone without a lot of training. The techniques are proven scientifically, and practice does make perfect! By paying attention to your posture, and doing the power poses for two minutes at a time, off and on repeatedly will empower you. You will project confidence, and be viewed as more capableĀ in those important situations where you need to be on top of your game. Just keep practicing them, your mind will bring your hormones in line, and you will you become it.

What I always find comforting to remember in important situations is God is in control. I pray and ask for his help, and recall his will, and plans are better than anything I could imagine. I trust the outcome in the end of any situation will work out and is for my best.