Blind Man Is About To See His Wife & Baby For The 1st Time. What He Says Made Us Get The Tissues!

Gene Purdie is blind and suffers with an eye disease called, Stargardt’s Disease. It affects the retina of the eye causing the central vision to go blurry making it very difficult for the person to see faces and read. Gene has struggled to try to figure out what his wife and son look like by trying to put the little pieces together he sees in his limited vision and using his memory.

A whole world is about to open up for him and he is so excited to finally have the chance to see his wife, Joy and baby, Lincoln for the first time ever. The glasses he is about to try optimize the vision he has left, and will allow him to see his wife’s entire face instead of little parts of it. The reaction Gene has is very touching, especially when all he can say in appreciation of his wife’s beauty is, ” oh she’s pretty.” The reaction this husband and wife had at seeing each other and their baby brought us to happy tears. This was beautiful to watch and we wish this lovely family much happiness in the future.