Top 10 Most Unique And Bizarre Places On Earth

Can you even imagine living in a city of women only, where men are banished, or dwarfs only? These towns are interestingly bizarre by any standard! Some are a little more mysterious, and some are downright freakish. Each has something about it that will make you shake your head and wonder if that is for real.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Most Unique and Bizarre Places On Earth

10. Candido Godoi, Brazil   Population 6,641

The city is full of twins, people claim that in the 1960’s  Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele gave the women there drugs that caused them to have twins.  The birth rate for twins there is 1000% higher than the worlds average.

9. Gibsonton, Florida USA  Population 14,234

This town is full of retired circus performers, including their animals that roam around freely.

8. Centralia, Pensylvania USA   Population 10

This town has a coal mine that has been burning since 1962 and is estimated will continue to burn for another 250 years.

7. Noiva do Cordeiro, Brazil  Population 600

This town was founded by a woman  in 1891 because she had committed adultery and was exiled. It is a mostly female town husbands and sons over the age of 18 are sent away by force to work in the town 60 miles away.

6. Monowi, Nebraska USA  Population 1.

Elsie Eiler was left a widow in this town, and is the sole resident running a library, and tavern all alone. She has nominated herself as mayor.

5. Manishiyat Naser, Egypt  Population 262, 050

This place is known to the world as the city of garbage. Garbage gets dumped in the streets from Cairo and 90% of it gets recycled by the residents.

4. Miyakejima Island, Japan  Population 2,884

This city has an active volcano spitting out toxic gasses. Residents run around with gas masks constantly. Eruptions caused the town to be abandoned from 2000 to 2005.

3. Coober Pedy, Australia  Population 1,695

The place is an opal mine where the residents live in caves under the ground. This helps them to avoid the extreme temperatures they experience there. Activities like golf are done at night when they can enjoy the more pleasant cooler weather.

2. Cunming, China Population 3 million

This is a city of Dwarfs seeking to get away from all discrimination. To live in that city a person  must be less than 1.29 meters. They dress up for tourism like fairy tale characters.

1. The villages, Florida  Population 51, 442

This is an age restricted town people under 19 have been banned. All homes must have a person at least 55 or over. This town has a Viagra black market, and promiscuity problems.

If I had to pick a place I think Coober Pedy, in Australia would be an interesting place to live. What do you the reader think would you want to live in any of these places, feel free to leave a comment below.

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