Before & After, See What Happened To A Family That Ate Organic For 2 Weeks.

This was an eye opener! The Swedish Environmental Research Institute took tests and measured pesticide, and chemicals in the bodies of this family. They were then put on an organic diet for a while and measured their toxic chemical levels after. The results were shocking!

Swedish Environmental Research Institute’s, scientist Jorgen Magner, says that, “We know very little about the long term effects of eating food treated with pesticide. Chemicals can be much more harmful when combined together, than they are on their own.

We all know that different chemicals are used on different crops so we are eating a cocktail of these chemicals all the time. We do not know how this is going effect us, and our children long term. An example of this, is if one looks at the alarming levels of pesticide in the smallest child Charlie, his levels are off the chart compared to the other members of the family. This was very informative!

The study was done by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL, and the full report can be viewed here.