Baby’s Getting To Hear Mom & Dad For The 1st Time And It’s So Precious. Must See!

This is heart melting and so cool to watch unfolding right in front of you! Baby Archer is getting to hear his mom and dad for the first time in his life. While he fussed at first even wanting to tug off the intrusive hearing aid, he quickly stops when he hears mom and dad for the first time. All of a sudden those hearing aids are just fine with him.

Archer’s reaction while mom tells him she loves him for the first time, and dad singing to him was so heartwarming. As you watch this you can’t help but share in with this family’s joy, and we couldn’t stop smiling right along with the little guy. Archer smiles every morning when his hearing aids are put in, and who can blame him when he gets to hear the wonderfully loving things his parents say to their baby boy. This was precious!