Baby Really Sees Parents For The 1St Time! She’s So Cute, She’s Melting Hearts All Over The World!

This video’s is so viral it is all over the internet, and after watching it you’ll understand why! This adorable baby is seeing her parents clearly for the first time, and watching Piper’s joy filled reaction is so precious! One of the first things that came to mind while watching was how did the eye doctor determine she needed glasses in the first place? Piper wasn’t crawling yet, and she should have been. This video brings awareness to the fact that these problems lead to other problems, and that parents have to be their child’s advocate, and investigate when development isn’t proceeding the way it should. During the early developing years it is important to get a child’s eyes, and ears tested, because sometimes problems aren’t obvious when it comes to hearing and eyesight.

I have witnessed first hand how a child needed glasses, and was just passing in school, but not thriving the way she could have. When she started getting headaches she was brought to an optometrist, and given prescription glasses. After getting them she had no more headaches, her grades improved, and so did her quality of life.

Janine Moos the CNN reporter in the video mentioned a program called, “infantSEE.” It is a public health program that is run by Optometry Cares-the AOA Foundation. They provide eye exams, and assessments, free of charge for infants between 6 to 12 months old. Just visit their site at, or call them at .888-396-3937 or 314-983-4160. We encourage all mum’s who are in need of help with their babies to call, and get this important test done. After seeing baby Piper’s reaction it is easy to see how beneficial, and life changing it is for the baby.