Baby Rescued From The Trash, & His Adopted Family Feels They’re The Lucky Ones!

This mother’s love for her adopted son is so touching it is breathtaking. This beautiful boy was rescued from the trash in Ecuador. In many societies around the world, if the child has Down Syndrome they are dropped at an orphanage, abandoned, or just inhumanely discarded.

This perfect child with special needs was peacefully just lying in a garbage bag by a dumpster, when a carpenter spotted the bag moving, and saved his life. He was later adopted by this wonderful family who looked beyond the special needs. They saw the real beauty in this child, and all their lives have been so enriched by this experience. Every soul is perfect! God makes no mistakes, and this boy is exactly the way God sent him here. Many societies really need to catch up with what this family knows. They know all people serve a purpose, are loved, and wanted by God, and that we are supposed to love one another. Just because they are a little different means nothing, we are all different, we are all valuable, and precious in the eyes of our creator. We wish them many more years of such great love, happiness, and blessings!