Baby With Rare Condition Surprises His Parent’s At Birth As He Has Two Faces.

This sweet 14 month old baby boy named, Kangkang was born with a rare deformity called Transverse facial cleft. It literally looks like he has two faces or could be wearing a mask. Kangkang’s mother Yi Xilian had a normal pregnancy, and the family was very surprised at his birth to see the massive cleft that extends almost all the way up to his ears. Yi was understandably devastated when she finally got to see her baby after delivery.

Yi took Kangkang to doctors shortly after his birth to explore treatment for the cleft which turned out to be extremely expensive. The love of family is an amazing motivator though, and they have miraculously managed to scrape the money together. The baby will be getting the much needed surgery to correct the deformity. We look forward to seeing Kangkang after surgery up running around, and enjoying life like any other child, and being the blessing from God that all kids are.