Baby In The Womb’s Experiences, Are Amazing! It’s Like Looking Into A Mysterious New World!

Life is a wonderful mystery! This video shines a little more light into that mysterious world we never used to know much about, except from the outside. Now we have the ability to actually look in, and discover the most amazing mystery of all, life itself. While pregnant a mum has a sense of connection to her baby that other people don’t, and the child is a uniquely designed, separate individual, with its own DNA growing in her body, it is in her body and connected, but not part of it. Growing under her heart, the child actually hears mum’s soothing heart beat, voice, sounds, and even music. Sound goes through fluid 4 times faster than through air, so not only does the baby hear, but even faster than we do outside the womb.

Babies can feel pain in the womb. Babies have been observed grimacing in pain on ultra sound, while pushing on the mum’s belly. This makes sense if you think about it, the baby is in an encapsulated space, surrounded by fluid, and pushing on it, to manipulate it would cause pressure. There is no doubt about it these are very aware little human beings, with senses, and feelings in the womb, and science is proving it.