Baby In The Womb Looks Like It’s Blowing A Bubble? What It Is Made Our Jaw Drop!

When Tammy Gonzalez went in for a routine ultrasound she was dealt a shock. What appeared on her ultrasound was a rare occurrence. The baby looked like it was blowing a bubble. More tests brought the diagnosis that the bubble was actually a teratoma which is a rare tumor, and is roughly estimated to occur in 1 out of every 100,000 births. A teratoma is a type of tumor that is made up of different tissues, such as hair, teeth, bone etc. Doctors recommended she abort her baby as in their opinion there was a high chance of miscarriage. Devastated by the news, Tammy very wisely
did not give up. She investigated further, and found out that endoscopic surgery could be attempted to remove the tumor from the baby while in the uterus. Dr. Ruben Quintero successfully did the groundbreaking surgery for the first time using a camera and laser to cut the tumor out. Because of Tammy’s faith, love, and persistence in finding a solution this beautiful little girl is perfectly healthy, and Tammy is so grateful to God for this miracle.