Baby Fennec Foxes Take Their First Bubble Bath. This Is A Cuteness Overload!

When these Fennec Foxes decided to put their food in their bed, and sleep on it they were a mess, so their owner decided they needed a bubble bath. One thing is for sure, watching these little ones enjoy their first bubble bath is a heart melting, cuteness overload!

This was the first time I had ever seen these cute animals so I did a little research, and learned that The Fennec Fox comes from North Africa, where they live in the dessert. They are known to be great little predators, hunting rodents and bugs. With those adorably cute, but huge ears, they can actually hear below ground. They have a reputation for not being a good pet, but these little ones sure seem so calm, and enjoy the water so much, its almost hard to believe. Maybe its the calming Lavender this owner is rubbing on them, and lovingly spoiling them with.