Baby Born With Part Of His Brain Outside His Head Has Miracle Surgery & What A Transformation!

Mary and Mark Gundrum were a happy couple anxious to see the sex of their new baby, and watched their ultra sound full of excitement, that is until something abnormal showed up. A doctor then told them the abnormal mass growing on the baby’s face was a condition called, an encephalocele, along with Tessier midline facial cleft. The combination of these two birth defects occurring together is so rare they almost never happen. The diagnosis was disheartening, they were told the baby would likely die not long after birth, and parent’s were told to just enjoy the pregnancy as best they were able.

Thankfully this couple had faith, prayed, and trusted in God. They surrendered the situation over to God and he is faithful! A parent’s prayers are powerful! Mum said she believed, prayed for a miracle, and she got one! Not only did Dominic Pio live more than a few hours, or days as was predicted, he was stable, and proceeded to grow normally. His parents didn’t give up, they researched and found the right medical help. Dominic is thriving and doing great, just look at how he is doing now. His pleasant smiles are absolutely heart melting!