Baby Believed To Be Stillborn Is Buried Alive For 2 Hours And Survives!

This experience must have been so shocking and in the end joyful for these parents. While at home Lu Xiaoyum experienced sudden sharp pains, went into labor, and gave birth to what she thought was a four month old stillborn baby. Mr Ye thought the baby was dead and told the ambulance attendants not to worry about the baby as he thought it was dead, he then accompanied his wife to the hospital. One can only imagine his anxiety when he hurried back home urged by the doctor, to check the baby to see if it might be alive. He must have been in absolute horror to find his mother in law had already buried their baby possibly alive. Thankfully he didn’t just think, well it must be dead by now and and give up. He went and dug the baby out of the ground and found it was breathing, he had saved its life. The baby survived under the ground for two hours, and that is miraculous! The baby has had some health difficulties and has been in the hospital, but people have lovingly rallied together to help the family.