Baby Who Battled Meningitis & Had A Quadruple Amputation Is So Happy To Get A Doll Just Like Her!

When a child takes their first steps it is one of those touching times in life a parent never forgets and it brings such joy. Within a few days of Sweet 11 month old, Harmonie Allen conquering taking her first steps, a tragedy struck her hard. Harmonie battled with meningitis, and survived but at a great cost. The toddler had to endure becoming a quadruple amputee, on top of suffering through the meningitis.

Observing Harmonie learning how to cope with no hands or lower legs is very inspiring. With calm determination she perseveres until she finds a way to do things her own way. She is now learning to draw, and play music, and live a full and productive life. The wonderful thing about the new doll Harmonie has, is she won’t feel alone, but instead will have a companion she can relate to.

Harmonie we here at look forward to hearing lots of music from you in the future, and we’ll be watching for your drawings.