Baby Abandoned In Frigid Cold For Hours Is Saved By A Homeless Stray Cat!

A woman named Nadezhda Makhovikova who lives in the flats in Obninsk, in the Kaluga region of Russia, heard a cat meowing in obvious distress, so she went to see what was wrong. She was shocked to see Masha a homeless stray cat, cuddled around an abandoned infant in a a cardboard box, in her frigid cold hallway. Masha was licking the baby’s face trying to comfort it, and keep it warm as it cried. The baby had been left in the freezing cold for a few hours, but because he had been kept warm by Masha he has suffered no harm from the cold, and is healthy. Nadezhda called paramedics who took the infant to the hospital. Masha still worried about the infant, and wanting to make sure the infant was O.K. was seen running behind them meowing.

It is amazing how an animal can step in and be a humans protector, and hero. Masha knew that baby needed to be taken care of, and she wasn’t letting it go until she knew it was going to be safe. The residents at the flat complex including Nadezhda are now spoiling Masha in recognition of her wonderful deed, and for the sweet little hero she is.