Babies Caught On Ultrasound Singing, Smiling, & Grimacing To Music. Amazing!

During ultra sound these babies were monitored checking their heart rates, then putting headphones on the mum’s belly, and playing music. The results were incredibly clear as the fetus showed visible signs of face pulling, or grimacing. Their heart rates also jumped up immediately by 20% to the Hip Hop music, and they did not appear to like it.

A different study done in Spain by the Institut Marques has proven that babies respond to music at only 16 weeks by moving their mouth and tongue. Which researchers believe is the baby vocalizing as their brain circuits activate. (This can bee seen clearly in the video below.) Scientists conclude because of this, that learning starts in the womb. Babies in the womb are able to feel pain, express themselves by both smiling, and grimacing as seen by researchers. It is amazing, and fascinating to see how these little human beings have such visibly profound reactions, likes, and dislikes so early.