Awarded Over $88,000! See How This Formerly Homeless, Teen Mum, Destroyed The Odds Against Her!

Trameka Pope is a young woman who is an absolute success story, and inspiration. She has overcome the lies and judgments society has put on women, especially teenage mothers. The reason her life is a success is because she is being supported, and single mum’s need support, not judgement! It does take a village to raise a child, and she is receiving the help she needs to be a success from her village, that is her mother, and the counselors at SGA Social Services. Which did not judge her, they encouraged, and sought to help her. When they helped her access the resources she needed, to get through her struggles they set her up for success, and that is how single mums can move toward self sufficiency!

In the city of Chicago, Illinois, every year 5000 teen age girls become pregnant. They are ostracized, stigmatized, and are told that their future’s are bleak. If they have their baby their lives are over, they will never amount to anything with the burden of a baby. My question is, who is anyone to judge when it is the right time for a person to have a baby? God knows what we need better than we do, and how do we know that a baby isn’t the best thing that could happen for that person, at that time! Of course none of us want our teens becoming pregnant that’s NOT the point, the fact is they are getting pregnant! However no matter how much we think we are in control, ultimately it is God who gives life to creation. Anything that is alive, is alive by the will of God, and he has a purpose and plan for that life.

We all have the ability to make it harder, or better, for these women and children. God commands us to help each other, and if we did that, these single mums, and their babies would have the future Trameka Pope is going to have. When Trameka said the following quote the wisdom in her words was incredible. “God don’t make mistakes, he wouldn’t give anyone a child who wasn’t ready for one.”God gave her a child she didn’t doubt his wisdom, and had the baby. God has a plan for every human life, and that is for us to have life abundantly. Trameka Pope is now living life abundantly. Babies are not burdens they are blessings, and life can be lived fully and completely with a baby!

Our communities need to look at how to help these mums to be a success not how to stigmatize, and give them a hard time like her high school counselor did. When we educate, and help these mum’s with resources we break cycles of poverty, and help those women, and children to get out of it. They go on to model success to their children, and all of society benefits, because well educated people, who have experienced adversity can empathize, have compassion for others, and give back to their communities! Trameka wants to help others like her by becoming a Social Worker. She is an example of what happens when we assist, and guide those in need, instead of judging, and condemning, her life now is limitless with opportunities! We here at Faithreel, wish Trameka all the success in the world!