Athlete Does Something So Amazing He Gets A Standing Ovation &The Respect Of 65,000 People!

This video is a great motivator for anyone that is discouraged, or considering giving up on something. At the Barcelona Olympics Derek Redmond was competing for his country Great Britain, where he was a record holder for the 400 Meter sprint. He was also a gold medalist in the 4×400 meter relay at the Commonwealth Games, European, and World championships. His athletic career was going wonderfully, and there was the anticipation of a medal win by him at Barcelona.

The race started great, he was doing well when tragedy struck, and he snapped his hamstring. His father Jim Redmond is seen rushing to his son’s side in such a protective, and loving way, he shows his son I’ve got your back in no uncertain terms, and the two finish the race together. Derek was then given the honor of a standing ovation by a crowd of 65,000 people whose respect he had completely earned in just minutes. They recognized the sacrifice, pain, and sheer determination in this athlete, who would not give up, no matter what. Be prepared to shed a tear, this was good!