At 4 Yrs Old He Ran Away From His Abusive Dad To Save His Life, Now He’s Inspiring The World!

As a four year old Kesz knew if he was going to survive, he had to run away from his home in Cavite city, in the Phillipines. His father was drug and alcohol addicted, and beating the child. He like many others tried to survive at the local dump. Surprisingly when he fell into a pile of burning tires his world turned around through that accident.

A friend named Mr Harnin took him in, loved, cared for his injuries, and eventually became his guardian. Kesz unknowingly began a ministry at the age of 7, on his birthday. He wanted to help others, so instead of accepting a birthday gift he wanted to give gifts to some of the other street children. He wanted to pay it forward, and has been every since. His ministry is called, “Gifts Of Hope.” He has assisted over 10,000 kids, and treated 3000 wounds. His compassion and inspiration has been brought to international attention. In 2012 he was the recipient of the International Children’s Peace Prize. The video below is his heart felt acceptance speech. What this child is doing is so wonderful and an inspiration to all of us.