Amputee Dog Rescues Disabled Boy In Surprising Way!

Owen Howkens was born with a rare genetically based disorder called Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome. Owen is in chronic pain because it causes the muscles in his body to constantly contract. Many of the people with the disorder look like little body builders. They also have great difficulty with their walking and vision.

When Owen would go out he started to develop anxiety because of people staring, laughing, and talking, so his parents got Haatchi. Haatchi is an Anatolian Shepard who when he was found by rescuers had to have his back leg amputated. Now when the two go out people’s attention are drawn to look at Haatchi and Owen is far more comfortable. Owen doesn’t feel so alone and is now better adjusted and able to face the world with the support and close friendship of Haatchi. Owen along with Haatchi are the proud winners of many dog shows in The United Kingdom. The pair of them are helping each other through life’s difficulties, they are proof life is what you make it, and friends really are the best medicine!