Amazing Video Shows Baby Born In Its Intact Amniotic Sac, This Is A Rare Phenomenon!

Warning this is graphic!

This amazing video shows a rare birth of a baby born in it’s intact amniotic sac. This is a rare phenomenon that only occurs 1 in every 80 000 babies. Ultrasounds have shown us so much more detail in recent years, and the obvious humanity of the baby in the womb is now so undeniable. Seeing how the baby rests, and how it moves around, even stretching in the snug fitting amniotic sac is an amazing and fascinating sight.

Watch when the doctor points at the baby in the video, it looks like it is either yawning, or crying inside the sac. When they cut the amniotic sac the way the baby bursts out of it surprised us. The best part was being able to watch as the baby takes its first breath in the outside world, and to hear the little coughs, and that first little cry. This also highlights how ridiculous certain laws are that say the baby is not a human with Rights until it takes a breath outside the womb. It’s a human life in the womb and outside, and deserves the same Human Rights as anyone else. Matter of fact because they are so defenseless their Rights should be more protected. Ladies if you’re pregnant this is what it looks like in your belly, the mystery and miracle of life right before your eyes.