After Baptizing Their Son Parent’s Had Life Support Shut Off & Got A Miracle!

Mike and Kerry Askin, found themselves having to make the painful decision of whether or not to take their son Dylan off life support. Dylan was suffering with a rare form of cancer, in critical condition with bacterial pneumonia, and his organs were failing. Doctor’s felt there was no hope of recovery, and urged the parents to consider taking him off life support and letting him go. After baptizing their son, and saying goodbye the parents had resolved themselves to accept the saddest loss of their lives.

However God gave them a miracle, Dylan began to move after they took him off life support. Since that time Dylan has progressively been getting better. He is still fighting the cancer and receiving treatment, but other than that he is living a fairly happy normal life and is expected to recover.

In closing what we also found endearing, was how Dylan’s brother Bryce drew the innocent parallel that Dylan came back from the dead, and how he did what Jesus did.