After A House Fire A 10 Yr Old’s Family Was Struggling, So She Opened A Lemonade Stand & What Happened Was Amazing!

In March of 2013, Alyssa De La Sala, and her family had a fire in their home, and it was destroyed. The family was forced to live in an apartment since that time, and have financially struggled while waiting for their home to be rebuilt. Seeing her parent’s difficulties, 10 year old Alyssa decided to do something.

She notified the media that she was going to open a lemonade stand. When the media spread the story her efforts successfully exploded, with kind wishing people buying, and donating to help out. They were able to raise fifteen thousand dollars, and the family is so grateful, and proud of their little girl, it is heartwarming to watch. It is impressive what one sweet little girl, with a dream to help her parents has accomplished.