After A Car Crash & Dying 3 Times Her Son Knew Things Nobody Could Possibly Know!

When Andy, Julie, and Landon Kemp, were driving home one day, an ambulance broad sided their car at an intersection. The accident changed this family’s life forever, as Andy was killed instantly on impact. Julie was stabilized, but her son wasn’t even noticed as the vehicle was such a wreck. Landon was only discovered when a paramedic spotted his shoe.

As if things weren’t awful enough Landon’s limp body was pulled out of the wreck not breathing. He was resuscitated and taken to the medical facility, after dying 3 times doctors were pretty sure he wouldn’t survive. Julie was then told that Landon’s brain was so damaged that he wouldn’t be able to walk, talk, or eat, and would always have the mentality of an eight year old child. Julie was so distraught that as long as she was able to keep her son with her none of that mattered. Julie just wanted her son alive and with her.

In her despair Julie didn’t lose faith. She had the normal question of, “why God” as she tried to make sense of her tragedy, but even in that pit of anguish she didn’t lose faith, instead she prayed harder and that is so important. There is something very powerful about a parent’s prayers for their child, and Julie was praying hard for her son.

Two weeks later Julie’s prayers were answered in an undeniable way, as Landon suddenly opened his eyes. She realized God had granted her a couple miracles. Landon had no brain damage. What stunned Julie most was when miracle number two happened. Landon knew things nobody could possibly know! He already knew his father had died without being told, and he also knew about the two siblings that were stillborn before he was ever born. Julie had never told 8 year old Landon about the miscarriages, and there was no way he could have known about them. Landon also said he had been around his dad in heaven while he had died, and that’s how he already knew his father was deceased. Landon went on to tell his mom that when he had died for the third time he was with the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus gave him the mission that he would have to return, he was to be a good Christian, and tell people about Jesus. Since he has returned Landon and Julie have happily shared their extraordinary story, and are very openly sharing the good news about Jesus. They’re encouraging people to keep their faith even while grieving because God and Jesus are very real!