Adopting Couple Answered One Question So Perfectly Birth Mum Instantly Chose Them!

Selfless, and wonderfully loving, is what all three parents raising this baby are! They are thinking of the child first, and not being selfish. The child is getting the best of both worlds, a great set of parents who love him, and his birth mum still actively in his life. When a parent is missing there can be a feeling of rejection, the child always has so many questions, and there is often a void there that needs filling by the biological parents, and with answers only they can give.

After watching this, one has to question is a complete severance of biological parental contact in the best interest of the child? In the right circumstances like in this video, it can be a good thing for the baby to keep their birth mum in their life. Of course not everyone can handle adoption with co-parenting, but it has such benefits if people can look past being jealous, petty, or possessive, and agree upon, and keep good boundaries from the beginning. A lot of mum’s are faced with the decision of giving a child up for adoption. If it were more like the situation in the video where the child’s needs come first, it would be healthier for all involved, and especially the baby.