A Vision Sent By God Answers A Desperate Mum’s Prayer For Her Suffering Baby!

Tony and Jenny Thompson were married for years, they prayed and patiently waited for 10 years for another baby, and their prayers were answered. The couple was overjoyed when their son Gideon was born. Around Gideon’s first birthday he was diagnosed with brain cancer and was immediately taken into surgery for the tumor to be removed. While all this was going on the couple’s faith was strong and they asked for prayer from friends, family, and their church, their faith sustained them. After surgery while mom was with Gideon she was emotionally shattered by the sight of her baby’s pain and suffering. She cried out to God heartbroken, and pleading for help. God answered her in the most amazing way, a way that she would understand and would help her the most. He gave her a vision that comforted her, showed her his love for her child, and that gave her a sense that no matter what happened, her child was going to be alright.

God then worked more miracles through this beautiful baby boy in ways that absolutely baffled doctors. His white blood cell count was at 0 and in order for him to go home it had to be at a level of 400 to 500. Doctor’s expected Gideon would have to stay in the hospital from 4 to 5 days. Again a lot of very specific prayer was requested and flooded out, and God graciously answered again. Within 8 hours Gideon’s white blood cell count went from 0 to 7000! This was unheard of, the doctor’s were baffled, and had the test run 3 more times. Gideon’s family knew God was working a miracle. The family believes God is using their baby to do something incredible, and if one examines the facts that is pretty obvious, this family is inspiring thousands of people! Today Gideon is doing wonderfully, and his mother Jenny has posted on Facebook, “I pray and hope Gideon’s journey will encourage and inspire others to trust God, cherish every day and love one another.”