A Mean Girl Experiences Her Own Medicine, What Her Victim Does Next Is Perfect!

We have all encountered someone that snubs us, or is a bully in one way or another. Social media like instagram, twitter facebook, texts, and cell phones are being used in ways that are brutally cruel to victims. People have died as a result of reckless nasty words sent out over the internet. People forget there are vulnerable humans with emotional problems at the other end of those cuttingly cruel words, and that words can wound others to a deadly degree. Words have consequences. Many of us have learned the hard way that what we do comes back to us good or bad. People who share, go along, and say nothing to stop the bullying are contributing and participating also, even if they weren’t the first to start the bullying. They are the audience the bully is performing for, to impress with the illusion of building themselves up and trying to look more powerful by making others look weak.

What we see in the video is such a great illustration of a biblical teaching of how we are supposed to treat our enemies. The victim did what the bible tells us, not to retaliate, but bless, love your enemy, and do good to them. In loving her enemy as the bible says in Proverbs 25:22, burning coals of shame were heaped on the bully, and God rewarded the victim with a new friend. The bully was completely humbled and shamed not by retaliation, but by the love and kindness of her victim. When the bully was put in the same situation and found out how it felt to be hurt she realized her victim was being kind to her, and she is humbled and ashamed. Retaliation leads to more of the same retaliation being flung back and forth. We overcome the bad by doing good, plain and simple!